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How to set up your Apple App Store account
How to set up your Apple App Store account

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide to setting up your Apple App Store account.

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In order to publish your Hotel MSSNGR App on the Apple App Store, you'll need to create your own Apple Developer account. We'll lead you through that process in this article.

It will typically take 30-45 minutes to finish the Apple ID account and Apple Developer account creation. However, as Apple will call you by phone to review the information, the whole process can take 1-2 days to finish.

💡Please note: This is not required for the Android version of your app.

How to set up your Apple Developer account:

The following four steps are necessary to create your own Apple developer account:

If you need help with any step of the setup process, please contact us and we can schedule a call to go over this together.

1. Enable an Apple ID with two-factor authentication with an iOS device

1.1 Register for an Apple ID

We strongly advise using a shared company Apple ID instead of a personal one for enrolment. If you already have a company Apple ID, please use that one.

You will need:

  • An Apple iPhone, iPad or macOS device

  • Name of the person in whose name you want to create the account

  • Their date of birth

  • Email address to which you want to connect the account to

  • Phone number

❗Please have your email address and Apple device nearby for Apple's two-factor authentication.

💡Store your login credentials securely as you'll be required to log in from time to time

1.2 Enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is necessary for your account. It adds extra security by sending a code to your registered phone when logging into the Apple Account.

You can choose to have an Apple device dedicated to 2FA, or add this new Apple ID to another device already registered with a different Apple ID.

Adding your new Apple ID to a device already registered

  • Sign out with your old Apple ID out of iCloud at
    Settings > iCloud > Sign Out.

  • Sign in to iCloud on your device with your new Apple ID.

  • Then proceed as indicated under.

Enabling 2FA

If you already have a company Apple ID, most likely 2FA is enabled already.

If you're using iOS17 or later:

  1. On your device, go to Settings > [your name] > Sign-In & Security.

  2. Check if Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, if not, proceed:

  3. Tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication, then tap Continue.

  4. Enter a Trusted phone number (the number you’ll use to receive verification codes), then tap Next.

  5. A verification code is sent to your phone number.

  6. Enter the verification code on your iPhone.

2. Retrieve your DUNS number

The D-U-N-S (Data Universal Numbering System) is a registration number to identify companies and organizations. It is required to enroll in the Apple Developer Program and publish your app.

2.1 Seach for your hotel

Enter the name of the legal entity running your hotel (add filters to the advanced search if you're seeing too many results), and select your legal entity.

❗If your company does not have a DUNS number yet, you can apply here.

2.2 Note down the DUNS number

3. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

You will need:

  • Apple ID with 2FA enabled (See step 1)

  • DUNS number (See step 2)

  • Name of the person in whose name you want to enroll in the program

  • Date of birth

  • Phone number (Apple will call you on this number to verify your application)

  • E-Mail address

  • Correct company name (If your company name has special characters like "ä", simply replace it with the non-special character "a", do not use "ae", otherwise, Apple's verification process will fail)

  • Company address

  • Your company's website URL

3.1 Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

3.2 Log in

  • Now log in with the Apple ID you created in Step 1.

On the next page, select the option Continue enrollment on the web.

3.3 Enter your personal data

3.4 Enter your entity type

❗When asked about the entity type, you must select "Company / Organization", if you select "Individual", we won't be able to supply the App for you.

3.5 Enter your DUNS number

In this step, enter the Legal Entity name exactly as it is given in your registration documents and on the D-U-N-S Website (Step 2). After this, enter the D-U-N-S number.

3.6 Receive the verification call by Apple

Apple will call you after 1-2 days on the phone number you provided to confirm your application.

They will ask a few questions, for example:

  • Did you request the account?

  • Are you an employee of your organization?

  • Do you have the rights from your company to request the enrollment?

  • What do you need the account for? (= you want to publish an app for your guests).

❗If you miss the call, Apple will send you an email to request a new call.

As soon as this process is finished, you'll receive an email inviting you to add a valid credit card for the annual fee of 99 USD.

❗Please make sure to check that you enable Recurring payments so that you don't have to manually pay every year.

4. Grant Hotel MSSNGR access to your Apple App Store account

4.1 Log into your App Store Account

  1. Go to Users and Access.

  2. Add a new user by clicking on the "+" as shown below:

4.2 Grant access

A form will pop up, please add the following data:
First name: Hotel
Last name: MSSNGR

Roles: Admin

4.3 Enable App Store Connect API access

  1. Click on "Keys"

  2. Select "Team Keys"

  3. Click "Request Access"

3. Tick the checkbox to agree to the conditions.

4. Click "Submit".


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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