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Marketing the Hotel MSSNGR app to your guests.
Marketing the Hotel MSSNGR app to your guests.

This article will help you to market the Hotel MSSNGR to your guests leveraging on the different touch points during the customer journey.

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A good example of how to best market the app to your guests comes from TUI BLUE Fleesensee. You find it in this video: 

To learn more about how your guests will download the app, please see this article:

1. All guest-facing staff

All guest-facing staff members should know the app and should have downloaded it on their smart phone. They should also offer the app to guests as a way to get to know the hotel programme, the directory, and to self-service-book activities, tables, and services.

2 Pre-arrival

Make sure to inform your guests about your app prior to arrival. Thereby, they can prepare and look forward to their stay.

2.1 Booking confirmation

Use the booking confirmation mail to inform the guests about your app.

2.2 Pre-arrival mail
Use the pre-arrival mail to inform the guests about your app.

3. Reception

Your FO staff is one of the most important factors to market your app to the guests. 

3.1 Rooming in

Most important is the face to face contact when your guests arrive at the property. Showcase your guests the ease and the comfort they will gain by downloading the app. Access to special offers, personalized information is always a good argument to try the app.

3.2 Stand-up displays 

Use the QR code in order for the guests to download your app upon arrival.

3.3 Digital Signage in the lobby

A digital signage device in your lobby or other public spaces gives the guest a preview to your app's content. No matter, if you use an interactive touchscreen or a passive monitor.
Make sure to explain the display to your guests during rooming-in. 

Digital Signage already includes a hand-over screen and hand-over banner to promote your app.

Example view of the Hand-over slide and the banner in Digital Signage:

Hand-over banner in portrait display of Digital Signage:

3.4 Key card holder

Use the QR code in order for the guests to download your app whenever convenient for them. 

4. Room

In the room the guest has most time to get informed about the hotel and its programme. Make sure they learn about your app in the room.

4.1 Wifi start screen

User your web app as a start screen when the guests log into your wifi. The web app displays an app download banner, allowing the guests to directly download your app from the app stores.

4.2 Stand-up displays

Use the QR code in order for the guests to download your app in their room.

4.3 Paper hotel information

If you are using a printed-out hotel information, make sure to include the QR code to your app in order for guests to find out more and get to know the daily programme.

4.4 Digital Signage as a hotel TV channel

Show Digital Signage on the TVs in the guest rooms. Use different TV channels to display Digital Signage in different languages.

5. Print communication

If you are using print communication, make sure to include the QR code so the guests download your app where they will find more information.

5.1 Hotel guest newspaper

The hotel guest newspaper displays a subset of the information in the app. Make sure the guests know about your app and can get it easily by scanning the QR code.

5.2 Flyers and weekly schedules

Add the QR code to other print communication like flyers and weekly schedules.

5.3 In-lays for receipts

Add the QR code to the in-lay in the receipt wallet in your restaurants and bars.

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