Setting-up your app

This article will provide you with a list of what we need from you in order to build and style your app and publish it in the app stores

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Please note:
If you don't need native apps but only want your own webapp and Digital Signage, please see the article Setting-up your webapp and Digital Signage instead.

In this video you will get a brief overview of the set up process:

I. Roadmap

  • Please create your own Apple App Store account (see below). Once the account is available, we can create your app.

  • We just need some information, your logo and one photograph from you. Please make sure you provide us with the following assets and pieces of information. Please send everything to
    Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have!

  • Once we have received everything, we will prepare some more graphics and advertising texts for you. We will send you those to confirm. 

  • After everything is confirmed, we will create the apps. It will take about 4 weeks until the apps are live in the app stores.

II. Apple App Store Account

In order to publish the iOS-App in the Apple App Store Apples requires you to create an iTunes Connect account yourself. 

Please note that we can only create your app once the account is available to us.

III. Information and assets

Please provide us with the following pieces of information and assets.

1. App name (Homescreen)

Please decide how your app should be named. This name will appear on the homescreen.
Specification: The space available for the app name is limited. User our tool to test the name length:

The logo is used for the app icon on the home screen of the device.
Specification: Provide us with a logo or another symbol in vector format without any rounding or gloss effect

3. Your colours 

To style your app, you can use your corporate colours.
Specification: Provide us with Hex Codes (e.g. #0199FE) for two colors; background color and icon/text color.

5. Your website

Please provide us with your website, so the description and advertising texts for the app stores we create represent your brand.

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