Digital Signage: Setting up chromeboxes

This article explains how to prepare self-bought chromeboxes yourself. This is necessary for us to configure them with Digital Signage.

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1. Which Chromeboxes should I buy?

You can buy chromeboxes from Asus or Acer. We have tested both and both work very well with Digital Signage. The Asus box is somewhat more powerful, but also more expensive. The Acer box is totally sufficient for Digital Signage.

ASUS Chromebox 3

ACER Chromebox Cxi3

2. Setting up a chromebox

In order for us to configure the chromebox with Digital Signage and to manage it in the future, you have to enterprise enroll this box to our account.

  • Connect box to power, to LAN with a LAN cable, to a keyboard and mouse, and to a monitor with an HDMI cable 

  • Click "Continue" twice. Please note that the boxes are often set to Dutch or Italian. Please choose language and keyboard setting in your language.

  • Accept terms and conditions 

  • !!! WARNING !!! Login window opens. Do NOT use this login window for regular users. Instead, use the login window for enterprises. In order to reach this window, click Cmd + Alt + E (for ASUS boxes) or Ctrl + Alt + E (for Acer boxes)

  • Enter the following User and Password.
    Password: Please note: We will send you the password upon request.
    The keyboard is set up like a Windows keyboard. For @ please click the Alt (on the right side of the space key) + Q

  • IF you are asked for a confirmation telephone number enter any number you have access to and can receive text messages with

  • IF you see this screen and are asked to enter an email address, please enter

  • After a successful enrollment you will see this screen:

-> Note the ID shown on the screen and send it to us (see below)

3. Inform us

  1. How many boxes have you configured?

  2. Send us the ID of each box as shown on the success screen (see above) or a screenshot of the success screen

  3. How should each box be configured:
    - which venue
    - interactive (touchscreen) or passive
    - format: portrait or landscape
    - language
    - filter for interests or tags
    - song?

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