Due to regulations and hotel guest's concerns, printed-out menu cards will be replaced by digital versions for the foreseeable future. Here ist how you can show your menu cards in the Hotel MSSNGR app and web app.

Here is an example of a digital menu card in a Hotel MSSNGR app:

Example of a digital menu card

1. Add a Backoffice entry

In the Backoffice, in the Directory, add a Website or Document:

2a. Website

If you have added the menu card to your website, you can just link its URL:

2b. Document

If you have the menu card available as PDF, upload it as a document:

2c. Page

You can also add the menu card as a page in the directory:

This will look like this:

2d. Folder

If you have multiple cards for your restaurant, just add a folder with separate entries for the menu cards:

After you have added the entry for the Website or Document, simply go to the entry. At the bottom, you will find the QR code and the link:

4a. Display the QR code

You can add the QR code to a flyer or stand. Your guests can scan the QR code with their smartphone to access the menu card:

You can add the link to your website or to the reservation confirmation email:

5. Menu card in app and web app

After scanning the QR code or opening the link, your guests will be able to see your menu cards on their smartphone.
If they have your app installed, the menu card will be shown directly in the app:

And if your guests do not have your app installed yet, they will see the menu card in the webapp. This also will allow them to download your app.

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