In order to avoid long waiting times at the reception and to reduce physical contact between guests and staff and other guests, you can allow your guests to pre-checkin via the app. You can use the service bookings for that.

Here is an example for the form that your guests fill out in the app:

Backoffice view for hotel staff:

Hotel staff will see all the information that the guest has filled in and can add it to the PMS:

How to set it up

1. Add an offer for the pre checkin

For a detailed description how to add an offer, see this product tour:

2. Make the offer bookable

For a detailed description how to add service bookings to an offer, see this product tour:
Make sure to add a booking field for every piece of information you need (name, passport number, date of birth...). But also make sure that the form is as short as possible and convenient for your guests.

3. Users will fill out the pre checkin form in the app

User will see the form you configured and fill it out:

4. Manage the pre-checkin booking in the backoffice

Your hotel staff will be able to see and confirm (or reject) the pre-checkin request made by the guest:

5. Confirmation for the guest

The guest will receive a confirmation once your hotel staff has confirmed their pre-checkin request:

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