With your directory / A-Z you provide your guests with all relevant information regarding you hotel. Your app allows you to replace the paper directory with a digital version.
The digital version allows your guests to browse through the directory, to search, and to mark an entry as favourite.

Here is an example:

1. Set up

Simply add your content to the directory:

Pro tip: Make sure to add each item (Airport transfer, Bar, Check-Out...) in a separate entry. If you add all items in one single page instead, it will be very difficult for your guests to read.

Find a detailed explanation how the directory works in these product tours:

Introduction to the directory:

How to create a directory entry:

How to create directory folders:

2. Communication

2.1 Get the QR code for the directory

You find the QR code if you click on "Hotel" in the left-hand menu and scroll down:

... scroll down ...

2.2 Get the QR code: Folders

If you have added your directory to a certain folder within the directory, you get the link for this folder, by selecting "Actions" and then right-clicking on the "Deeplink":

To create a QR code from this link, please generate a QR code yourself with any free QR code generator, for example https://www.qrcode-generator.de

2.3 Display the QR code to the guests

You can add the QR code to a flyer or stand. Your guests can scan the QR code with their smartphone to access the digital directory:

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