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Allow your guests to participate in your activities from their room

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Your might have to limit your public areas, such as the fitness room or the concert hall to a small number of guests. And some guests might prefer not to mingle with other guests. Live streaming your activities allows your guest to participate from their room.

1. Set up: YouTube Livestream

Livestream your yoga class or concert with livestream.
For a detailed explanation how YouTube livestreams work, please see atutorial, e.g:

Copy the URL of your YouTube livestream.

2. Set up: Create an activity

In the activity section add a new activity:

For a detailed explanation please see this product tour:
​How to create a new activity:

Add the URL of the YouTube livestream in the video field:

3. Livestream in the app

Your guest will find and open the according activity in the app. In the top section, the activitiy will show the video:

When the guests hit Play, they will see the video in full screen:

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