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In order to organise the sauna visits of your guest, use the seat booking feature.

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Regulations might limit the number of people for your saunas (and other fitness/wellness areas). And some guests might want to visit a sauna only with their family.

Use the seat booking feature to allow your guests to book their sauna visit beforehand.

1. Set up

1.1 Add a Hotel information page to the Hotel information:

For a detailed explanation see this product tour:
How to create a directory entry

1.3 Make this Hotel information page seat-bookable:

Make sure to add a field for every piece of information (name, room number, preferences...) you need from your guest.

For a detailed explanation see this product tour:
Table booking (Generic places):

2. Booking via the app

The guest will find the according directory page in the app:

They see the details and click "Reserve":

They fill in all the fields, fill in the number of people, and hit "Reserve":

3. Manage the incoming requests

Your staff can manage the incoming requests. Either reception staff manages them on their desktop. Or the Spa staff manages them on a desktop or tablet:

Of course, Spa staff can also add a booking via the backoffice for a guest who walks in and has not booked via the app.

For a detailed explanation see this product tour:
Manage Seat bookings:

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