Thank you for making Hotel MSSNGR more international. On this page, you will learn how to add translations for our customer facing output channels:

  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Webapp
  • Digital Signage

You've received a welcome mail from our translation management tool Loco. Our next steps will start from there.

Generating a user account

  1. Click „Go to project“ in the welcome mail.

2. Choose a name and password and log in.

Adding translations

In the translation interface, you can select a source language from which you can translate. English is preselected but you can also select another language if that is easier for you. The target language is preset to the language you should translate to and cannot be changed („German“ in our example).

  1. You’ll only need to translate certain „tags“, so to start, select ios from the „All tags“ field.
  2. Also, you only need to work on the untranslated strings, so select Untranslated from the „Any status“ drop down:

3. Now you can start to translate, in our case only add „Gebucht“ in the bottom down input field.

4. Press „Save“ when you have finished the translations (you can edit several translations before pressing save).

5. Now, switch to the next tag. You will need to translate these tags:

android, android_weather, api, hydrogen, weather, carbon, ios, ios_defaults, base_for_end_users

You don’t need to translate these tags:

account, base

In this case, on android, there are no translations, so just proceed to the next tag.

More complex translations

Sometimes, the translations are more complex and contain placeholders that will be replaced with different dynamic texts. In this case, we try to supply an example text to make sure you understand the context (yellow box). When translating, keep the %@, %s, %1$s characters in the translation and don’t use the examples.

If you are unsure about a translation, you can leave a comment (red box) and we will clarify on the issue.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thanks a lot for helping to improve our translations!

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