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Handover: From QR code/link to app
Handover: From QR code/link to app

This article explains how the users usually learn about and download your app.

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In order for your guests to use your app, they will of course have to download it first. But how does that work?

Option 1: Direct download

Your guest learns that you have an app and downloads it directly from the respective app store (Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store).
This option requires a technically well-versed and self-sufficient guest. This option will not happen very often. So let's look at option 2...

Option 2: Using a link or QR code

You can provide your guests with a QR code (e.g., at the reception) or a link (e.g., sent by you in a pre-arrival email) that will lead them to the respective app store via the webapp. From there, they can conveniently download the app without having to search for your app in the app store themselves.

  1. Guests clicks the link/Qr code you provide them with

  2. The webapp (web version of the app) opens which shows a banner to download the app

  3. By clicking the banner, your guests will be directed to the respective app store entry for your app


Why is the guest directed to the webapp first?

We use the webapp as a handoverscreen, in order to find out which device is being by the guest. Depending on that it will lead the guest to the matching app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Can I link directly to the app stores?

You can of course also directly link to the app stores but keep in mind that you would then need two links/QR codes - one for the Google Play Store and one for the apple app store. In order to do that just copy the links of your app store entries and create a QR code using any webbased QR code generator, e.g. QR Code Generator

What is the difference between the app and the webapp?

You might be wondering why the guest would download the app if they are directed to the webapp - which is the webbased app - first? Basically all info shown in the app is also displayed in the webapp but there are a lot of features that cannot be used via the webapp, like push notifications, kid's club registration etc.

Where to get the link/QR code?

  1. To use the links and QR codes you have to open the section "Hotel settings" in the menu bar on your backoffice.

  2. Select the submenu "Links and QR Codes"

  3. Scroll down until you reach the app link

  4. Download link or QR code here

What about the webapp link?

In case your are not using the native app but the webapp this is also the place to find the URLs you can use to promote your webapp.

  1. Again, open the section "Hotel settings" in the menu bar on your backoffice.

  2. Select the submenu "Links and QR Codes"

  3. All those links listed will link to your webapp but you have the option to use specific links that will direct to the activities, offers, directory, ... .

What about the digital signage link?

Same goes for the DS link of your screen:

  1. Again, open the section "Hotel settings" in the menu bar on your backoffice.

  2. Select the submenu "Links and QR Codes"

  3. Scroll down to the very bottom to find a configuration field for your DS link. You can configure the following: Languages (one or multiple) and mode (active/passive)

Please note that this is just the basic link, you have a lot of further options to configure the content shown on your DS screen!

Click here for some examples:

Find a detailed explanation how to get the QR code and link for your (web) app in this video:

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