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Option 1: Direct download

Your guest learns that you have an app and downloads it directly from the respective app store (Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store).
This option requires a technically well-versed and self-sufficient guest. This option will not happen very often. So let's look at option 2...

1. Guests will open a link (e.g., sent by you in a pre-arrival email) or scan a QR code (e.g., at the reception) with their smartphone.

Example for a link:

Example for a QR code:

2. This link/QR code will open the webapp (the website version of the app).
Check out the webapp here: https://interalpen.m.hotel-mssngr.com/checkin/388-interalpen-hotel-tyrol

3. In the webapp, guests will be able to see all the information they also see in the app:

4. Additionally, the webapp will display a app download banner (if you open the webapp on a smartphone):

5. This banner links to the respective app store entry (Apple App Store on iOS devices, Google Play Store on Android devices):

6. The guest downloads the app and can see all information and use all features:

Find a detailed explanation how to get the QR code and link for your (web) app in this video:

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