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Digital Signage: Screen requirements
Digital Signage: Screen requirements

This article lists all requirements for screens to display Digital Signage

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For Digital Signage, we provide the software, the website. However, we don't provide the screens. When you buy a screen, please consider the requirements listed here.

Requirements for screens

  • Suitable for continuous operation (24/7)

  • HDMI connection

Additional requirements for interactive screens (Touchscreen)

  • Touch screen

  • Should not be too big, in order for guests that are short to operate it. A 55 inch screen (140 cm) is the maximum.

Additional requirements for outdoor screens

  • Must be suited for outdoor operation (heat, rain, humidity...)

Chromebox requirements

You can run the Digital Signage website on any device. If you want to, you can get a Google Chromebox from us that runs the Digital Signage website in kiosk mode.

  • Power connection

  • LAN connection (a WIFI connection does not work)

Mounting the screen

If you mount the screen, make sure you can access the back for maintenance (exchange the cables, re-start the Chromebox etc. ).
Here is an example of a pivot suspension for the screen:


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