With our latest update, we added a lot of speed and improvement to the booking functionality. With better validations, refactoring and hints, we made it more reliable. You may have noticed that we also updated the UI. Here we have summarised the highlights of this release.

Improved edit screen

The edit pages for activities, directory and offer items received a fresh new look. All useful functionality is now easily accessible at the top of the page:

  • Share - click here to find the QR code and deeplink for this item

  • Edit booking - jump to the booking settings for this item

  • Visible - quickly enable and disable this item

Separate screen for booking settings

All booking related settings are now on a separate screen easy for you to view and edit. Use the toggle switch to enable the bookability at your convenience. Use the tabs to jump to each section, and edit them separately.

This change enables better UX for mobile devices as well as faster loading times and pave the way a lot more exciting booking features to come.

Auto-Reloading booking screens

To automatically show you new incoming bookings, we have added an auto-reload to our booking pages, when you're inactive:

  • Service bookings overview page - every 60s

  • Restaurant booking matrix page - every 5min

  • Activity booking detail page - every 5min

If you have any question or feedback about this update, feel free to contact us via chat or at help@hotel-mssngr.com.

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