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Kid's club registration

A fantastic solution to reduce your staff's workload and ensure additional safety for the kids in your hotel. - Find out more.

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Is your hotel offering activities for children or running a Kid's club? With your staff having to keep track of the children's data, such as their allergies, their dietary requirements and their guardian's details?

Take advantage of our Kid's club registration to automate these processes, speed up kids check-in routines and free your staff to dedicate full attention to the kids. All digital with no effort.

Watch this short video for a demo of the kids club registration!

Please note:
This is a feature for your native app as we can not provide this service for web apps or digital signage.


The Kid's club registration feature allows your guests to conveniently enter all relevant data about their children ONCE through your app. These data are stored and easily retrieved each time the child checks in for a kids activity or into the Kid's club. All your staff needs is a signature from the guardian and that's it. - a matter of seconds.


The following data can be requested in the Kid's club registration form:


  • Booker address

  • Stay details

GUARDIAN (multiple guardians in one registration possible)

  • Guardian name

  • Guardian phone number

  • Guardian picture

  • Guardian signature

CHILDREN (multiple children in one registration possible)

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Languages

  • Allergies

  • Medical conditions

  • Dietary requirements

  • First aid permitted

  • Allowed to leafe on their own

  • Child is a swimmer


  1. Guests need to fill out the Kid's club registration form.

  2. Guest books kid's activity through your app or wants to check in their child directly at the Kid's club.

  3. Your staff has all the data on the child available to them immediately. All they need is the signature of one of the previously registered legal guardians.

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