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How to enable kids' club registration for activities
How to enable kids' club registration for activities

Follow these simple steps to activate the Kid's club registration for activities in your hotel.

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First of all we have to set up the Kid's club registration for you. Please let us know in case you want us to do so.

Once we have done that you will be able to activate this feature when editing or creating activities by simply checking the box at the very bottom of the page.

Please note: Kid's club registration does not necessarily have to be tied to a booking. So there are two options when setting up:

OPTION 1: Kid's club registration WITH booking

If you turn on both, the Kids Registration AND the booking function your guests can use the Kid's club registration to reserve a spot for their kids in that activity. The booking will then appear in two different places in the backoffice: Once under "Kid's Club" and once under "Bookings". This can be helpful if you need to know how many kids are attending for sure in case you need to provide equipment for example.
​Important: The booking is only a reservation of a spot. The Check-In will take place later on site with the signature of one of the previously defined guardians.

OPTION 2: Kid's club registration NO booking

If you only activate the Kid's club registration in your activity, but not the booking function, then no seats can be booked. Yet your staff will still know about who and how many are interested in participating.
This might be useful to you if you are running a Kid's club with no fixed time slots for booking but you would still need an indication of how busy the activity may be.

Important: Of course, your guests can still check in their children by walk-in, even if they were not previously registered for this activity.

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