In August 2020, we launched the first version of the shopping cart. Since then, we have received a lot of feedback on what to improve. With our March update, you are now able to copy the shopping cart. Additionally, you can now create a service booking via the backoffice, and you can add an internal note to service and activity bookings.

Features available in the admin area: Tuesday, March 23rd

Copy a shopping cart

To save you valuable time we have created a copy feature for shopping carts.
If you are using the same menu items (e.g. beverages) in the shopping carts of multiple bookable items (e.g. bar 1, bar 2, restaurant a...) you can now create the shopping cart once for the first item (e.g. bar 1) and then copy it to other items (e.g. bar 2, restaurant a...).

1. Create the shopping cart as usual for the first item (e.g. bar 1)

2. Create the second item (e.g. bar 2)

3. Make it bookable.

4. Add a shopping cart to it.

5. When you do, you will now see the following pop up:

Choose "Import existing shopping cart" to copy a shopping cart you have previously created.

6. Choose the shopping cart you want to copy from the drop down:

After you have copied the shopping cart, you can change the copied shopping cart as needed. The original and the copied shopping carts are no longer connected.

Service fee as a percentage of the shopping cart value

Talking about the shopping cart, when you add a service fee to the shopping cart, you can now add it as a percentage of the shopping cart value (e.g. 25%).
Previously, you were only able to add a fixed service fee (e.g. 10€).

1. Select Hotel / Service Fees

2. Add a new Service fee

3. Select the Type "Percentage"
4. Add a percentage in "Value", e.g. 0.25 for 25%.

Use service bookings as an internal booking tool

Until now, service bookings (bookable offers) could only be booked via the app/webapp. Now you can also book a service booking via the backoffice. Previously, this was only possible for activity and table bookings.

This allows your staff to manage and document requested services that were made by the guest via the reception or via email or telephone.

1. In the backoffice, select Bookings / Service bookings

2. Click "Add Booking"
3. Select any service from the dropdown:

4. Fill out all booking fields and click "Save":

5. The booking will appear in the list of open bookings. You can work on it and confirm or reject it later.

Add internal notes for activity and service bookings

Internal notes for bookings allow you to get a message to your colleagues without Until now you could only add internal notes for table bookings. Now, you can also add them to activity and service bookings:

Better UX for bookable items

In the last updates, we have streamlined the booking settings. We have listend to your feedback and have improved the UX, allowing you to quickly make changes to the settings.
You can now make changes to the following chapters directly from the overview page:

A. For the booking form fields:

B. For the table configuration (table booking):

C. For the shopping cart:

If you have any question or feedback about this update, feel free to contact us via chat or at

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