With this release we focused on polishing the admin area up to make it more user-friendly.

Features available in the admin area: Friday, April 23rd

Less distraction with invisible fields

With the possibility to set fields to invisible, the booking form can quite cluttered. We added an extra checkbox to show / hide the invisible fields. This can be done on the following views:

  • Booking form - form fields

  • Shopping cart - categories

  • Shopping cart - products

Find more details about booking field behavior over here:


More flexibility with offers

Add a website as an offer to link to specific content outside the app. The behavior is the same as in the directory.


This feature will only be visible in the following app versions:

Webapp - immediately

iOS - 3.24

Android - 3.24

Better indication if a push notification can be sent

On booking screens we have introduced a better indication, if a user has push notifications activated. We adjusted it the following way:

Bell icon - user can receive push notifications

Phone icon - booking made from app, but no pushes activated

Person icon - booking made by staff

Improved search on venue list

Admin > Venues > Search field

Search now by locality to find the hotel you are looking for. The locality is set under Hotel > Settings, and describes the general region where the venue is located.

If you have any question or feedback about this update, feel free to contact us via chat or at help@hotel-mssngr.com.

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