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Booking options

Find out what types of in-app booking there are and where to use them!

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Our booking options are a a great tool to manage during-stay bookings of hotel guests! You can set them up for activities, hotel information entries and services.

So your guests could - for example - book a hair salon appointment or a massage, reserve a dinner table or sign up for yoga session.

Let's take a closer look!

First things first:
In order to use bookings or try it out, please contact us and we will enable the option for you. This feature is billable per venue where it is used as stated in your contract.

Once you have done that all bookings are being managed here in the section "One-Site Bookings" in the menu bar. Depending on the booking type all incoming bookings will be sorted, managed and processed here. You can confirm bookings, access all relevant information about the person making the booking, check the capacity - and much more!

Make content bookable by enabling booking within individual entries.
But which booking option would I use for what bookable content?


Activity bookings are linked to activity entries in the daily program. As an example you could use them to book sports lessons or wine tastings in the evening which the guests can book directly through the program.

In the backoffice you can then see the bookable activities of a particular day and get insights on the demand.

From the detail view you can get information about the individual bookings of an activity.

Your guests can recognize bookable entries by the writing "Book now".


Bookable services are usually used as service bookings like massage appointments, early bird special services or rental bikes.

In the backoffice you will find information about individual bookings as well as the option to edit, confirm or cancel those bookings.


Bookable hotel information entries are usually used for table reservations in separate hotel restaurants. But you can set daybed bookings, sport court bookings or seat bookings like an appointment at the hairdresser or a time slot on the tennis court as well. The difference is made in the settings when the booking functionality is set up in an entry.

In the backoffice you can then see an overview of all the restaurants and their occupancy for the given day.

Selecting a restaurant brings you to the detail view where you can also edit received bookings.

So these are our different booking options.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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