How to set up shopping carts

This articles offers you a step-by-step instruction on how to set up a shopping cart.

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Shopping carts are an enriching addition to the booking function allowing your guests to book multiple items through one entry.

Add tennis equipment for rent to the booking of a private tennis lesson, attach bathrobes and towels to the booking of a sauna visit or offer your guests a selection of different wines for a wine tasting on friday night .... - no problem!

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This is how...

First of all:
Shopping carts can be attached to activity bookings, hotel information bookings and bookings through offers, the procedure is the same.

Let's say you want to provide your guests with the option to purchase products such as towels, lotions or snacks when visiting the sauna.


To do this select an already existing hotel information entry or create a new one and enable the booking functionality.

Tip: Click here for an overview of all booking options and here for instructions on how to set them up.


Once the booking settings are set up click on "Add" in the shopping cart section at the bottom of the page.

When you do, you will now see the following pop up where you can choose between creating a new shopping cart or importing an already existing one. Please select "Create new shopping cart".

Please note:
Before being able to create a shopping cart you need to configure taxes and fees in the settings section of your hotel - this is how it works.


Select a page title for your shopping cart as well as a comment field helper text.
Click on "+ add category" to create your first shopping cart section to add items to.

Enter a name for your first category which will be displayed to your guests in the app later. In this example we set two categories: products and snacks.


Now it's time to add products to your category!

Add a title, a caption, a description, a price and taxes that apply.

Your item will then be added in the category list.

You can add as many categories and items as you wish.

Please note:

Once you have created the shopping cart, the field type "Shopping cart" will appear in the dropdown menu of the field form section. Please make sure that you finish your set-up by creating a form field for the Shopping Cart, otherwise your guests will not be able to access the Shopping Cart.

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