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You would like to welcome guests to a kids activity that requires the kid's club registration but they have not been registered yet? Of course, they can easily catch up on that on the hotel staff's device. However, depending on how much information is requested, this can take a few minutes and possibly hold up the check-in procedure of more kids to the event.

In order to prevent that, there is the option to generate a QR code for the kid's club registration that your guests can scan with their smartphone. This QR code will directly lead to the registration form with all the required fields for them to fill out on their own device so your staff can continue to check in more children.


  1. Your guests want to check-in their child to a kids activity that requires a kid's club registration but they have not yet registered.

  2. At this point, your guests can simply scan the QR code provided by you with their smartphone and are taken directly to the form page of the kid's club registration - a shortcut.

  3. Here they complete the registration and can then continue to check-in their child.

QR Code Demo Kids Club Registration


Please open you backoffice and select "Links and QR codes" from the section "Hotel" in your menu bar. If you scroll down a bit you can find the kid's club registration link and download it right away.


This kid's club registration QR code is not a walk-in registration and no booking. This is only a shortcut to the form page of the kid's club registration in order to allow later registration (≠ bookings) to be done simultaneously rather than to occupy the device of the staff at the checkin.

That's it!

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