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The champion for your guest communication
The champion for your guest communication

This article highlights who should lead the guest communication with Hotel MSSNGR at your property

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You need a strong champion in your hotel who is dedicated to guest communication with Hotel MSSNGR.
1. The champion is fully responsible for the Hotel MSSNGR project across all areas.

2. The champion is responsive and will make sure that the project is moving forward.

3. The champion knows the Hotel MSSNGR backoffice and how to manage the different channels (app, Digital Signage for screens, Carbon for PDF generation...).

4. The champion is the person to optimise guest communication processes to leverage the benefits of Hotel MSSNGR

5. The champion is the contact person to the team at Hotel MSSNGR: the set-up and styling of the app, the onboarding of your staff, and the roll-out to your guests.
Once, everything is set-up, the champion will stay in close contact to discuss questions and solve problems.
6. The champion is the go-to person for your staff if they have questions about the app and other guest communication channels. The champion will make sure to onboard other staff in your hotel to enable them to use Hotel MSSNGR.

7. The champion will talk to guests and collect feedback to improve guest communication.

8. The champion will regularly check on the analytics to understand the usage.
9. The champion will promote the app to increase usage.

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