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How to set up Carbon PDF print tool
How to set up Carbon PDF print tool

You are interested in using the Carbon PDF print tool for your hotel? This is how the setup works:

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Using a well set up carbon template saves your employees plenty of work every day: Once data has been entered into the backoffice for your app, it can also be loaded directly into your individually designed template. No more re-editing documents, no more incorrect data - instead, your custom design with auto-filled, up-to-date information from your backoffice!

Since the configuration is a highly individual process and the templates are customized very specifically for each customer, it is necessary for us to know exactly what you need.


To help you understand what to expect, I would like to outline the process:


To get started, please send us a sample of the document you want us to implement first. This can be your daily info, a flyer, a poster, or your weekly schedule, depending on the printouts you use in your hotel.
In order for our graphic designer to create a template precisely tailored to your specifications, we need the following formats:

  • sample as graphic file (e.g. InDesign, Powerpoint, Word…).

  • 2-3 copies of this document filled with real data as you would pass it to your guest (PDFs)

Example: PDF sample


After our graphic designer has built your template (this usually takes 1-2 weeks), we will provide you with a cheat sheet which lays out the content logic in detail. The content logic defines which of your entries from the backoffice will appear at what position in your template.

Example: Cheat sheet

You can now access your template from the tab "Carbon" in the backoffice menu on the left. Please take a first look at your template and its cheat sheet and please write down any feedback.

Tip: We recommend using Chrome to ensure a proper display and editing of your template.


For your first template, we will schedule a joint call to discuss the exact usage, the pulled backoffice content and the layout. This is where you can give us any feedback! The first template draft always includes our suggestions regarding the filling logic, you don't have to stick to that. After all the template is supposed to make your life easier which is why it is the priority for us to set everything up for you to be able to work with it as efficiently as possible.

In this call you can raise ideas on any adjustments to the layout or to the content filling logic (which backoffice entries are being pulled into the template).

And of course ask all your questions!

We usually do 1-3 feedback loops and then your first template is set.

Example: Carbon template without auto-filling

If your template is set up, you would only have to open your carbon menu, select the template and it would be filled like shown below with the data from the backoffice - no extra work, no editing. Now you can download the PDF and print it as usual!

Example: Carbon template with precisely set up content filling logic

To ensure that the coordination works smoothly and that the templates can really be tested to their full extent, we only work on one template at a time. After one template has been set up perfectly and exactly meets your needs, we will gladly create many more templates!

If you have any questions about our Carbon PDF print tool or interested in trying it please feel free to contact us any time at:

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