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February mobile release: Table suggestions and fresh colours
February mobile release: Table suggestions and fresh colours
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Release date: Monday, February 22nd

iOS version - 3.32.0
Android version - 3.32.0

I'd like to take the opportunity to give you an overview of what we've implemented with this month's mobile release.
- So you know exactly what has changed in your app πŸš€

#1 Fresh new look & streamlined color system

First of all, we have completed a major design rework which has improved the look of e.g. the start page of your app. The overall styling is now much more balanced and organized. Along with that goes the unified design system that integrates your own unique colors not only more prominently, but also in a more consistent and structured way.

#2 Immediate table suggestions for reservations

The new, smart table suggestions will greatly simplify the booking processes for your guests. As soon as a guest wants to place a reservation, it will immediately offer the next possible reservation slots that can be reserved according to your capacities and configurations. This new suggestion feature works for activity and table (=seat) bookings.

#3 New form field in booking form: E-mail

And finally, we have created a new form field in the booking form: the email field. This field can be used to send out confirmation emails right after your guests have completed their reservation via the app or as soon as you answered a service request. This is especially interesting for our webapp clients, as it allows you to directly contact your booking guests even if they don't have your app yet.

As always, we are very happy about your feedback! This is the only way we can constantly improve and provide you with the best possible product.

If you have any questions about this update, feel free to contact us anytime at

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