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How do I set up a convention?
How do I set up a convention?
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Is your hotel a frequent venue for meetings or conferences?

And you want to make life easier for these guests with your app? Then use this feature to show the programme of the convention to its participants but not to other hotel guests!

By entering the convention with a code via your app, all participants can follow the program schedule of their own conference in addition to your everyday hotel program and always stay up to date.



Open your backoffice and select "MICE" from the menu bar on the left. You'll find all the internal conventions of your hotel here, like conferences or exclusive company events.

The information you find here is the start date, the end date, the title, the code which you need to provide to all participants and the number of participants.

If there is no active convention, there is also no app tile for conventions to log into.


Click on "+ New conventions" and add a title, a description, some contact info an - most importantly - the start and end date of your convention.


You'll be directed to a weekly program view which is identical to your regular hotel's activity view. But as this is a new created conventions there are no activities in the program yet. Now, you can start adding activities, e.g. Get-together, Kick-off meeting etc. to your agenda. Click on “Save” at the end.

None of these activities will be shown in your regular hotel's program.


Now as you saved the activity, you can invite your convention's participants!

Here, you can enter all participants to the field below. All invited participants will receive an invitation mail with the corresponding code to log into the convention.

How do the participants log into the convention?

After a participant has received the convention code, there are two options to log into the convention: Either via the app start page or via the settings. All they have to do is enter the sent convention code.

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