On Wednesday, 20th of April at 11:00 AM, we issued a DNS zone change for the hotel-mssngr.com domain. Apparently, there was an error while propagating this change to other DNS servers which led to empty DNS entries at some providers. We noticed that the DNS information wasn’t properly propagated a couple of minutes later due to user complaints and reissued the zone information update.

This led to Hotel MSSNGR not being reachable for some time:

  • at 11.15 AM: 30% of users could access Hotel MSSNGR normally

  • at 11:30 AM: 50% of users could access Hotel MSSNGR normally

  • the numbers rose slowly until at 1:00 pm, roughly all users could access the systems again (>95%)

  • at 4:00 PM: Vodafone users should have gained full access ass well.

On a separate note, we noticed a migration issue on the Android app, which led to some users with older app versions not being able to update the app correctly.

This issue has been fixed with app version 3.33.02 and is available in app stores.

What we will do to prevent this issue in the future:

  • We will do any kind of DNS switch at less frequented times.

  • We implemented better migration testing in our usual testing routines

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kind regards from Berlin,

your Hotel MSSNGR team.

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