Enable Guided Access to lock the Kiosk Interface

On the iPad, make sure that "Guided Access" is enabled and that you have a pin code set, ideally the same as for the Digital Front Office Interface.

Go to "Settings" App, then to "Accessibility" > "Guided Access".

Also, you should set the Lock display automatically to "never".

Add the Kiosk to the Home Screen

  1. Download the profile attached and send it to the iPad via email or enter the installation link on the iPad https://www.hotel-mssngr.com/digital_frontoffice/kiosk.mobileconfig.

Go to the Settings app and find the "Downloaded Profile" entry. Follow the instructions.

After finishing the process, a new Icon will appear on your home screen:

  1. Tap the icon.

  2. You will need to log in.

  3. Make sure to check the "Remember me" check box.

  4. Now select Digital front office from the sidebar.

Whenever tapping the MSSNGR Kiosk Icon from now on, you'll be taken to the Front Office.

Locking the device in Kiosk Mode

This needs to be done after each restart of the device!

  1. Tap the MSSNGR Kiosk icon on the home screen

  2. Now enable guided access. Normally, this is invoked by pressing the home button or upper button three times. Find more information about guided access at Apple

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