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More branding options for native Apps
More branding options for native Apps

Styling your iOS and Android apps more granularly

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When handing over your brand assets to us, we will automatically create an app that features your logo, splash screen, brand colours, and optionally your custom font.

However, sometimes there is the need to adjust the app styling even more to match your brand.


As we're offering Apps based on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and on Google's material design, we try to use standard components wherever possible to make the apps feel most native on the respective platform.

On Android, we're using primary and secondary colors defined by the color system (try out with this interactive picker tool to see how primary and secondary colors are being used).

On iOS, we achieve a similar styling method through color scheming with primary and secondary colors.


To even better match your brand, you can use your custom icon sets.

Please download the icon packs and replace the icons with files of the same format (SVG), size and file names.

Unless specified otherwise, all icons need to be monochrome to be auto-tinted in the apps (the color used in the files does not matter) and transparent.

Weather Icons

Please make sure to supply all icons in the set, otherwise, a broken image might occur on the weather screen.

Navigation Icons

We provide native sets for both iOS and Android to better match the system icon style. You can use the same branded icons for both platforms. If you plan to not use a specific feature, you don't need to add the respective icons.
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