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How to manage Activity Templates on the Brand level
How to manage Activity Templates on the Brand level

This article will explain how to create a template for activities on the brand level that all venues can use

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Activity Templates allow you to create a template for an activity on the brand level that can be used across all venues under your brand. This will allow you to save time by setting it up once at brand level and the venues just have to select it on their end. It also ensures a high and consistent quality of content across your brand.

Important: Only venues can schedule the activities themselves

Step 1:

Login to Backoffice and open your brand via the “Edit” button.

Step 2:

Click on the “Activity Templates” link and you will be brought to the next page.

Step 3:

This is where templates can be managed by selecting “New activity template”, or via the arrow button to modify an existing activity template.

If your venues have multiple languages, you should add each additional language to the activity template. In the language tabs you will find all the languages active in all of your venues. Make sure to provide a translation for the activity templates in all your languages.

Option 1: Setting up a new template

It is mandatory to add a "Title" and "Text" (in the language you require), everything else is optional. Despite being optional, we would still recommend to at least add an image so the app does not display a blank box.

The text is the description of the activity that the app user will see when selecting the activity.

Option 2: Modifying a template

You can simply change and remove what you would like but keep in mind a title and text are still mandatory.

Step 4:

Fill out the remaining information as necessary such as a phone number, or email of an instructor or point of contact, or a website that the customer can visit in order to get more details.

Step 5:

As stated above, while an image is not mandatory, it can help sell the activity and a video is even better as it allows the customer to see it all in action, simply click on “Add images” or “Add video” and select the images/video to be used.



Both added

Step 6:

The “Interests” field can be used to allow an activity (such as rock climbing) to be added to a filter under the “Summer Sports/Fit & Active” section. In the app, when the customer then filters for “Sports”, they can find rock climbing much faster and more easily. Simply click on the box that is appropriate and the interest is added for the filter.

Step 7:

Finally, click on Save and the activity will now be visible and usable by the various venues under the brand you selected.

Here is a detailed explanation how to quickly create activities from activity template on the venue level:

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