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How to setup Brand Info
How to setup Brand Info

This articles explains how you can add brand information that the customer sees when opening the app

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If you have a multi-venue app, you can add brand information to the start page of the app when a customer first opens it as shown below.

Step 1:

Login to Backoffice and click on the “Edit” button.

Step 2:

Click on the “Brand Info” link and you will be brought to the next page.

Step 3:

This is where the you can add new or modify existing information by selecting “Add new”, or via the arrow button to modify an existing brand entry.

The brand info works very similar to the hotel information in a venue. When setting up a new brand info option, you will have the option to choose from adding a Folder, Page, Website, or Venue list.

Important: Set up a new venue list

The "Venue list" allows you to show a list of venues that the customer can scroll through and select. This is needed for your customers to see your venues and login to them.

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