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How to setup Brand Places
How to setup Brand Places

This article will explain how to create a place (location) on the Brand level that all venues can use

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Add Brand places for venues to be used across all venues under your brand. This will allow you to save time by setting it up once at brand level and the venues just have to use it on their end. You can set the name of the brand place. The address of the brand place can be managed in the venue.

Step 1:

Login to Backoffice and open your brand via the “Edit” button.

Step 2: Click on the “Places” and you will be brought to the next page.

Step 3:

This is where a new or existing location can be created/altered by selecting “Add new place”, or via the "Edit" button to modify an existing location.

Option 1: Setting up a new place

It is mandatory to add a "Place name" (highlighted in red). You can add the place name in all the languages of your venues. While it is possible to add the address, it probably does not make sense in most cases. You can manage the address of this place per venue from the venue.

Option 2: Modifying a place

You can simply change what you would like while retaining a name.

Step 4:

Finally, click on "Save" in the right corner below the map and the place will now be visible and usable by the various venues under the brand you selected.

For a Venue, they will be able to find the new brand place in the side bar menu under "Hotel settings" and clicking on "Places" as shown below:

They will then be able to edit the address as needed except for the name.

In the venue for all pieces of content (activities, hotel information, services), you can now select this place from the place field dropdown:

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