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October Digital Signage update: Digital Signage Linear re-design
October Digital Signage update: Digital Signage Linear re-design

With the upcoming update we are re-designing the linear Digital Signage version in order to modernise the look.

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Release date: 27th October 2022


With this update, we will re-design the look of Digital Signage linear for your screens and the in-room TV channel in order to modernise the look and to show your beautiful images more prominently.

We will re-design Digital Signage interactive for your touchscreens in the upcoming weeks.

Here is a summary of all the changes:

1. Look

We have modernised the look. Your beautiful images are shown over the whole screen. The title, details, and description text of the content are shown on the left side:

2. Fullscreen images

We have also improved the display of fullscreen images:

3. Video fullscreen

Videos are displayed better. If you want to show a video please make sure to set it to fullscreen display.

4. Weather

We have re-organised the weather screen to give your guests a better overview of the weather in the upcoming hours and days. The background of the slide will reflect the current weather: sunny blue, rainy grey, snowy blue, or dark night:

5. Handover

We have also re-desigend the handover slide to give your guests a better idea why they should download your app:

6. Handover on slide

On each slide, you will see the app store logos and a QR code that links directly to that specific piece of content. This allows your guests to quickly download your app:

7. Slider

On each slide you will find a slider indicating the process of this slide to your guests:

8. Controller

In order for you to quickly check from your office what is displayed on your Digital Signage stream we have added an optional controller with which you can quickly navigate through all of your slides. This controller will not be shown on your public screens and your in-room info channel.
You can enable this controller on your desktop by adding a parameter to the URL. Please find a detailed explanation of this feature here.

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