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Here you will learn how to use the app on the phone or via the web.

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Your guests will have the choice of your native app or web app. Here is a quick overview of the most important things you will need to know.

Web app

Opening the web app is as easy as opening any website. Enter the URL into your guest's browser and you are there.

Native app

On iOS and Android phones, they have the ability to download the app in their respective stores and all the great features that it provides. Note, here we shows the base Hotel MSSNGR app, they will find your app via the name that you gave it in the store.



Navigating the start page

When the guest opens the app with their browser or a downloaded app, they will see the start page where the journey begins! Most apps will have an activities, services/offers, and a hotel information tile. In addition to the Preferences and Contact tiles. Simply tap on the tile or use the bottom navigation bar to reach the activity/offer/hotel info they are looking for.


Here the guest can see the various activities the hotel has to offer, easily sorted by day and type via the filters at the top:


Here they can see the various services/offers that the hotel has for them:

Hotel info

Here the guest can find all the information on the hotel or the surrounding area:


Here the guest can alter the settings in the app, such as the language, what account is in use, If they want to disable or enable analytics, and the ability to change the hotel:

Native app permissions

Permissions are pop ups in our native apps that we request based on both your and our needs for a fully functional app. Of course we request your guests to say yes to all the following permissions so our app can work and you can make the most of the app, but we also want to respect your guests usage of your app. So both you and your guests will get the choice to to accept or deny the following permissions:

  • Analytics: This helps us improve the app. Any data we receive is anonymized, based on the rules stated in GDPR.

  • Push notification: This is for pop ups. Any guest that uses the app will benefit from allowing push notifications as this will help them keep track of both their own schedule within the hotel and any interesting activities or announcements.

  • Location: Location based services will only work within the app itself. We use this information to update you on anything in your vicinity as well as help guide you to activities that are not in your immediate vicinity.

๐Ÿ’กTip: Make your guests aware of what the permissions are for so they can use your app to its fullest potential and not miss out of the benefits!

Here is what it looks like to go through the first steps of opening the app and accepting the permissions:

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