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Custom fonts in your native or web app
Custom fonts in your native or web app

Information on how to supply custom fonts

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If you want to match your MSSNGR App even better with your brand, we can also add your own font to the native and/or web apps.

Please be advised that adding custom fonts will increase the time for app creation!

The following items need to be provided by you:

  • A license agreement and/or proof of purchase which indicates that you possess the rights to distribute the font on a web app and native Apps for an unlimited audience.

  • Two fonts in OTF/TTF (for native) and WOFF (for web) format:

    • One standard font

    • One bold font

You can also of course choose free fonts which have the correct licenses, e.g. Google fonts.

For reference, by default, we're using the system standards on each platform, which is Roboto (Regular/Medium) for Android/Web and SF Pro Text Regular/Semibold for iOS.

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