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October update: Improved push notifications
October update: Improved push notifications

This update improves our push notification system, bringing consistency across features and allowing customizable pushes.

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Our latest update brings significant improvements to our push notification system.

πŸ’‘In a nutshell:

  • Activities push notifications can be sent manually or scheduled.

  • Push notification content can be customized in different languages across all features.

1. Activities push notifications: choose your approach

We've made sending push notifications smoother and more consistent across all features. You now have two convenient options to push your Activities: manual push (instant) and scheduled push.

Manual push notifications

You can instantly send push notifications for Activities using the "Actions" menu, just like you do for Hotel Information and Services.

Scheduled push notifications

In your Activities pages, we've introduced new wording in the Activity detail page, renaming it to "Schedule Push Notification." This change clarifies its scheduling functionality.

2. Customized content: tailor your messages

We understand that effective guest communication requires a personal touch. We're excited to introduce more customization options for your push notifications!

For manual push notifications (All Features)

When sending manual push notifications, you can now create and customize your content in all languages offered by your hotel. We've increased the character limit to a maximum of 300 characters, providing you with more space to tailor your messages.

For scheduled push notifications (Activities Only)

Taking control of your scheduled push notifications is now easier than ever. By selecting "Override Push Text," you can customize your message in all languages supported by your hotel. Just like manual pushes, the character limit for scheduled push notifications has been extended to 300 characters.

That's it for this product update! With these enhancements, you now have added flexibility and customization in your digital guest communication. Thank you for choosing Hotel MSSNGR! πŸš€

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