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Fine-tune your Digital Signage and In-Room TV streams
Fine-tune your Digital Signage and In-Room TV streams

Adjust your streams, hide features, and customize your slideshow's parameters.

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In this article, we'll cover the customization of your Digital Signage and In-Room TV streams. We will talk about:

  • How to deactivate features that may not be relevant to you.

  • How to adjust the slides in your streams, for example, their speed.

💡Tip: You can think of your streams as slideshows, with each content item acting as a slide, displayed one after the other.

Hide the Handover & Weather Forecast slides

The Handover screen invites your guest to download your App. If you only have a non-downloadable Web App, you can easily disable this slide by following these steps:

  • Go to Hotel Settings/General.

  • Scroll down until you reach the field “Enable digital signage

  • Untick the box “Enable handover screen

  • Additionally, you can disable the weather forecast by unticking the box “Screensaver: show weather interstitial

Let’s get (a bit) more technical: editing your URL

To make the changes discussed in the rest of this article, you'll need to edit your Digital Signage/In-Room TV basic URL. If you do not where to find it, please refer to this article.

Note: Chromeboxes are managed by us. If you are using them, please inform us of the changes you would like to make.

Copy and paste your basic URL into another browser tab. Then, follow the instructions below to customize your streams by crafting your URL.

Hide App banner and QR code

Just like you can hide the handover screen if do not have a downloadable App, you can hide the App banner and QR code from your streams.

☝️To do so, add the following to the URL: &hideAppDownloads=true

For example:

Controller for staff

You can use the controller to view and manage slides. This feature is for your use only; guests won't see it. With the controller, you can select the slide to review, control the slideshow speed, enable or disable slides, and manage animations, including video playback.

☝️To do so, add the following to the URL: &controls=true

For example:

❗Make sure to click on the "+" symbol on the top right of the screen to access the control panel.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can tailor your digital signage and in-room TV streams to meet your specific requirements, providing a more customized and engaging experience for your guests! 💪

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