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Discover the Web App redesign
Discover the Web App redesign

Exciting updates to the Web App coming! A modern look, improved usability, and a fresh Start Page. iOS and Android Apps to follow soon.

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We're excited to introduce a new version of the Web App, starting Tuesday, November 14th: This version brings several enhancements to make the interactions even more convenient and brings a newer, more modern look.

πŸš€ This major redesign to the Web App will also be coming in our Android and iOS Native Apps soon!

Our highlights

1. Your new Hotel Start Page

We've given your Start Page a fresher look, enhancing the overall guest experience. The smaller tiles on the Start Page allow your guests to view up to eight essential pieces of information about your hotel simultaneously.

The new carousel "Upcoming" allows your guests to see all the Activities happening in your hotel today.

We've also introduced carousels for your Hotel Information and Services on the Start Page. These changes make it easier to promote your offerings directly from this page, creating a more engaging guest experience.

Additionally, we've replaced the Settings tile with an Account button, conveniently located at the top of the Start Page. Guests can now manage their language preferences and log in directly from this new location – if you are using guest logins.

2. Globally modernized look and enhanced usability

Beyond the Start Page, we've refreshed the look and usability of various pages in the Web App. Among others, these changes are visible on pages like Bookings, your Contact page, and even Conventions.

We've also revamped the Weather feature. Its background now mirrors the current weather outside, creating a sensory experience for your guests.


3. Fresh look for content lists

We've revamped the Services section to provide greater consistency for your guests, aligning it with the Activities and Hotel information lists. The Services tiles have been replaced by a list, creating an even more coherent experience when browsing through your different types of content.

Moreover, we have modernized all your content lists. For example, if a content item lacks an image, its thumbnail will now match the color of your corporate identity, thereby reinforcing your branding!

With these new and improved updates to the Web App, we are ensuring a seamless and more enjoyable experience and stay for your guests.

We are excited to hear your thoughts on this update! Feel free to contact us at to share them.

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