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December update: Booking Sequences
December update: Booking Sequences

Introducing the Booking Sequences: effortlessly create and edit multi-day table bookings.

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Keeping up with our mission to provide a more efficient experience for both hotel staff and guests, we’re delighted to introduce an update to our serial table booking feature, now rebranded as "Booking Sequences”. Discover what's new in this release note!

💪With the improved Booking Sequence, you can create and edit table bookings running over several days in just a few clicks!

Seamless Booking Sequence creation

You can now effortlessly create bookings for guests, across multiple days and within the same restaurant. Enjoy a hassle-free process with a simple click to create a Booking Sequence!

🎯What's more? You can also convert an existing single booking into a Booking Sequence using the same button, shown below.

Flexible booking management

💪Edit individual occurrences within a Booking Sequence with ease. Change tables, adjust timings, or cancel specific occurrences while keeping the rest of the Booking Sequence intact.

Ready to elevate your bookings?

😍Improve your guests' stay by providing a seamless booking experience. With Booking Sequences, they won't need to give their table reservations a second thought!

🏋️Empower your staff with efficient booking management, streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time!

We are excited to hear your thoughts on this update! Feel free to contact us at to share them.

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