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Best practices for clients with multiple hotels
Best practices for clients with multiple hotels

Find a description and best practices for the different options to show multiple hotels in Hotel MSSNGR.

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If you have multiple hotels (or restaurants, golf clubs, etc.) and want to show them in Hotel MSSNGR, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you want your guests of one hotel to use the services of the other hotel?
2. Are these hotels branded the same or differently? Do they use the same brand name, logo, and colors?

Depending on your answers, one of our 3 options is the best fit for you.

Sharing content

Regardless of the option you choose, sharing content between your different hotels is always possible through activity templates, copying the hotel information, or services of one hotel to the other.

Option 1: One venue

Your hotels are close to each other. The guests of both hotels can use the services of both hotels.


The Alpine Kraftplatz at Lake Achensee in Austria has two hotels on both sides of one street. The Alpenrose and the Cocoon. Both hotels share the same website, parking garage, spa, and restaurants. Guests can freely use the services of both hotels.
See their Hotel MSSNGR webapp here.

Screenshot of the Alpine Kraftplatz app showing to hotels in one venue.

Our solution: One venue app

Show both hotels in the app in one venue. All content of both hotels is easily available to all guests.

Option 2: Umbrella app

Your hotels share the same branding. While you want to share some content, guests of one hotel cannot use all services of the other hotel(s) freely.


The aja Hotels form a brand of 6 hotels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The different hotels share the same branding. aja wants their guests to inform their guests about their other hotels. However, guests of one aja hotel do not use the services of another aja hotel.
See their Hotel MSSNGR umbrella webapp here.

Our solution: Umbrella app

Show both hotels in one app in different venues. Guests can choose their hotels from the list of hotels. While guests primarily see the content of their hotel, they can also login another hotel and see its content.

Option 3: Different apps

Your hotels do not share the same branding. Additionally, guests of one hotel do not use the services of your other hotel(s).


The HUUS and the hey are two hotels in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. They have a different branding. And their hotel guests do not use the services of the other hotel.
See the Hotel MSSNGR webapps for HUUS and for the hey.

Our solution: Different apps

Each hotel has its own app with its own branding. You market the different apps to the guests of the respective hotel. Optionally, you can cross-market your other hotels in each of your apps. Guests have to open different apps to see the content of the different hotels.

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