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December update: Kids Club improvements
December update: Kids Club improvements

Navigate Kids Club effortlessly with a new search bar, streamlined walk-ins, organized attendee lists, and a one-click re-check-in.

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We're thrilled to introduce an array of exciting features designed to elevate your experience at the Kids Club, making your daily tasks more seamless and enjoyable. Here's what's in store for you:

🔎Discover the convenience of our new search bar

Finding a child or guardian on the attendees' list has never been easier. Our new search bar allows you to effortlessly locate individuals by simply typing in their name. Bid farewell to time-consuming searches and embrace a more efficient process.

🌟Simplified Walk-In process for added convenience

For those spontaneous visits to the Kids Club, we've streamlined the registration process. After their first walk-in, the guardian and child's information is now automatically stored in the system for the duration of their stay. This means that during their next visit, you won't have to re-enter their details—simply use the search bar for quick retrieval.

Enhanced attendee list organization for improved oversight

We understand the importance of keeping a close eye on kids under your care. That's why we've reorganized the attendee list. Picked-up kids now appear at the bottom, sorted alphabetically by name. This intuitive adjustment ensures that your focus remains on those who still require your attention and supervision.

🎈Effortless Re-Check-Ins with a click of a button

Managing multiple visits in a single day is now a breeze. We've introduced a check-in button that allows you to re-check kids in on the same day with a simple click. This feature adds flexibility to your operations and ensures a smooth flow for kids coming and going.

We believe these updates will significantly enhance your experience at the Kids Club, providing you with the tools and features needed to create a safe and enjoyable environment for your little guests!

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