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February update: new Digital Signage and In-Room Tv interface
February update: new Digital Signage and In-Room Tv interface

Simplified Digital Signage & In-Room TV management with the introduction of Streams and Content Sets.

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We're thrilled to introduce our new interface for Digital Signage and In-Room TV, designed to make screen management easier and more intuitive than ever before.

With this release, bid farewell to the complexities of managing tags and crafting URLs – our streamlined interface empowers you to easily manage your content directly from the Data Management Hub.

​Introducing Streams

We are launching Streams. Streams function as dedicated channels for your content, each easily created with just a few clicks.

Once created, each Stream is assigned a permanent URL, eliminating the need for URL updates on your devices.

πŸ’‘You can organize your Streams by areas, such as "Lobby screens" or "Spa Screens," for efficient management and content allocation.

Say hello to Content Sets

Content Sets are a new way to manage your displayed content. Think of them as customizable slideshows for your screens, composed of individual content items from the Data Management Hub.
Customize your Content Sets using the Interest feature. For example, you can display all your content items with the Interest "Spa", to the Stream "Spa Screen", simply by ticking a box!

Alternatively, you can select which specific content items will be displayed, regardless of their type. For example, you can decide to add one slide from your Activities, two from your Services, and four slides from your Hotel Information, just by selecting them with a few clicks.

Once you've created Content Sets, you can also easily reuse them across different Streams, saving you time and effort when creating new Streams.

Easy languages management

We've enhanced language selection to make it even easier to reach a broader audience. With just a few clicks, you can select multiple languages for your Streams, ensuring your content is accessible to a diverse audience.


Improved settings for better control

Take control of your slideshow's settings with our advanced customization options. Adjust slide display speed, advertise your Apps, add local weather updates, and more to tailor your displays to your specific needs and preferences.

Explore these new features and enhancements today, and as always, we welcome your feedback to continue improving your experience. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the future!


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