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April update: Chat feature
April update: Chat feature

Guest Chat feature added to Hotel MSSNGR: Improve guest relations, and streamline requests. Free trial availble, final version coming!

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We're excited to announce the rollout of the Chat feature, directly in your Hotel MSSNGR App. With this new feature, we are bringing you even closer to your guests, streamlining request processing, and ultimately boosting guest relationships and satisfaction.

The Chat will be deployed in two phases:

  • Trial version: We're offering an exclusive free trial version of our Chat for all our customers, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the feature.

  • Final version: Following the trial, we will deploy the final version with minor modifications. However, the core functionality will remain unchanged.

  • To activate the Chat, simply go to Active Features, find the Chat at the bottom of the page, and click on Actions>Enable. This step is explained in detail at the end of this note.

Easy guest access

Guests can initiate Chat conversations directly from their App, ensuring smooth and easy communication from start to finish. With the push notifications, your guests will read your answers quickly, just like any other messaging App.

💡To ensure traceability and enable push notifications when you reply, your guests are required to log into the App to be able to send you messages.

Internal collaboration

Make sure you deliver an outstanding experience by adding internal notes to Chats and share important information among colleagues. Of course, these notes will only be visible to you and other members of staff.

Inbox organization

With the chat’s organization in two spaces (Inbox/Closed), maintain a clutter-free Chat by closing conversations once tasks are completed. But if you have additional information to share with your guest, your conversations can be easily reopened.

Easy Activation

The Chat feature is easy to activate, and works the same than your existing tiles.
Follow these steps for activation:

  1. On your Dashboard, go to "Active features" and scroll down to "App Features (disabled)."

  2. Once you found the Chat feature, activate it by clicking on Actions, then Enable.

For optimal functionality, ensure you configure your settings as detailed in this article.

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