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Customisable app features
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Use the freedom of customisable app features to adjust the start screen of your hotel to your own needs as well as to prominently highlight your relevant content.

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To start editing your start page you'll find the cog wheel next to "Active Features" in the top left menu. Here you can easily enable and disable features to be displayed on the start screen, add own menu sections and rearrange the order. Use the preview button to see how it is immediately applied in the webapp.


Here you can see the list of all app features with their details:

  • In the first column, you'll see the title of the start page section (= app feature).

  • The second column shows the chosen icon for that feature.

  • The third column tells you what type of app feature it is.

  • And the fourth column indicates on which device this feature will be shown.

Example: Backoffice view above; app view below

As this page works like a settings area for your start page, so let's have a look what you can do!

What are your options?


By clicking on "Actions" and then "Disable" you can decide to hide a feature from your start page. The app feature will then appear at the bottom of the page in the category "Disabled app features" where you can of course always enable it again!

Please note:

We keep some features mandatory to ensure a smooth guest experience.


Change the title of the app feature in all your available languages. For example, change the wording of the feature type activities from "Programme" to "Stay active". To do that please click on "Actions" and select "Edit" where you can select an icon as well as change the title to best match the feature. The icon can be from our pre-set list, or you can upload a custom icon to use.

Note, if you choose to utilise your own icon, it must be in the .svg format

  • For better legibility, we recommend using simple icons.

  • Complex shapes can lead to crashes on the devices. Please check that the uploaded icons are visible on both platforms (iOS and Android).

  • Convert all shapes, including texts to outlines. (See instructions for Sketch and Adobe Illustrator)

  • Use a square icon with only one color on a transparent background.

Below, we are selecting from a pre-set tile list.

Here, you can also choose to upload your own icon instead.

Please note:
The platform where this feature is shown cannot be changed.


Easily change the order of the sections using drag and drop to highlight specific content of your app.


The last and maybe most exciting feature is hidden behind the dropdown menu in the top right corner where you can create your own app features! You can choose between a website to promote external content or a deeplink to position your own app content as prominently as possible to your guests.


Add content you want to use as app feature to your start page! You can select from activities, hotel information entries and offers. Click on "+Add new tile" and select "Deeplink" to choose content, add a title and a matching icon or image. The icon and image can be uploaded by you during the setup process or later via the "Edit" button.

  • link to a hotel information entry / activity / offer or folder within your app

  • select an appealing icon or image and title

  • the link will be opened within the app


Same procedure goes for websites whose content you want to promote on your start page: Click on "+Add new tile" and select "Website" to add the URL, add a title and select a matching icon or image.

  • add a link to an external website

  • select an appealing icon or image and title

  • select if this link opens in the in-app browser or outside the app

Please note:
Whereas the given app features use icons, self-created app features use images.


By clicking on "Show App Screen Preview" you can preview your changes in the webapp!

You can enable or disable this feature for venue users on brand level.

That's it!

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