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One example of using the customisable app features:

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The customisable app features already provide a great way to prominently place relevant or popular content for your guests on the app start screen.

But there are further potential benefits that come with this feature. Here's an example of how you can use the app features to add content in an even more visually concise way.


This use case utilizes the app features to visually showcase content by using multiple app tiles for the same content. An overarching image ties them together visually.



Start by adding as many app tiles as you want to use to promote your content. Make sure that it's always an even number so that the overall look is harmonic.

To do that select the "Active feature" section in the menu bar. From there you can add new app tiles with the button "Add new tile" in the top right corner and choose whether you want to link content from your app with a deep link or external content with a website. Link the same content to all app tiles.


How you name the app tiles is completely up to you. For example, you can draw a sentence over a few app tiles or, like this:
App tile 1: Enjoy
App tile 2: our
App tile 3: culinary
App tile 4: week!


In order to create an overall image, you need to cut a high-quality image (1380x690px or greater) into the corresponding number of parts using a cutting program of your choice.

Then please upload those parts separately to the image gallery of the backoffice and name them accordingly to avoid confusion.


Lastly add the matching image part to the app tiles depending on their arrangement


All you have to do is make sure that there are an even number of app tiles placed before the promotion app tiles. If this is not the case the whole image arrangement would shift.


In order to delete these app tiles, please click on "Actions" in each tile and select "Disable" or "Delete". The option "Disable" allows you the enable them later again if you need to whereas "Delete" permanently deletes the app tiles.

That's it!

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