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Here you will learn how the guest can use the services in the app

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You can always watch this video on the App Services here:


First, you will want the guest to open your app or web page and make sure they are on the start page of your hotel. Once there, simply have them tap on the services tile, or use the bottom bar and tap on services there.

Here, Services was renamed to Offers


On the services page, they will find a list of the various services the hotel has to offer. Simply tap on the service that the guest is interested in and a new page will appear with the details such as the the location, additional contact information, a small description, and the ability to book the service if it is bookable.


Once the guest has selected the service they would like to have, at the bottom of the app, they will see the booking button, simply tap on it and they will be brought to another page. On this page the guest will be able to select the goods they want and then book them. They will then get a confirmation screen and have the ability to check up on the status in the booking tile on the start page.


If they feel like the order was placed incorrectly or the guest has changed their mind, they can easily cancel in the bookings page from the apps start page. Once there, simply open the booking and select cancel. A confirmation prompt will appear where you select "OK" and the booking is cancelled.


Here you can find a link to Services in the Data Management Hub:

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