Here we cover various aspects of login provided by Hotel Mssngr for the app

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Why have a login?

Sometimes you do not want everyone to access every single activity, you want them to identify themselves before making service requests through the app, or the user wishes to use the services over multiple devices. There are a range of reasons why you may want a login or verify who they are.

Some features are also not available to those that do not login such as the Pinboard, Check-in journeys, and the upcoming Chat feature.

In the future, we also plan on making new bookings done in the Back Office to shows on the connected accounts devices.

Login, how does it work?

When enabled, the basic login feature will force users to create a login that is tied to their email. Once they have entered the information, they will be sent a code that they must then enter in the app. Once they have done so, the guest will then be able to continue using the app as they please.

Here a quick glance at what the guest sees:

How to enable login?

If you decide to use our login system, you can simple reach out to support and we can immediately activate the login feature.

If you require a specific setup/integration, please talk with support to start the process of integration with your system of choice.

Types of login

We have several types of logins that can be used. This ranges from a simple email check via the code that we use, to more detailed checks via integration.

  1. Mssngr login: Simple email verification check with a code that must be entered when received in the inbox of the individual.

  2. Own Integrated login: We currently have login integration with ProCampaign and Dailypoint. Here you will need to reach out to support to see if the integration with your login will work if it is a different system.


MICE is usually used for conventions where you want particular individuals to have access to the various activities that are happening at the hotel. This feature allows you to hide a list of activities unless the person inputs a code in the "Conference" section of the app. Below is a link to how this is setup.

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