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How to edit or disable the GreenOption feature
How to edit or disable the GreenOption feature

GreenOption lets your guests cancel their room cleaning. Find out here how to edit and manage this feature.

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GreenOption is a feature that allows your guests to cancel their room booking directly from the app. Built on the pre-existing Service feature, GreenOption enables your hotel to position itself on sustainability matters and saves time and effort on room cleaning.

The GreenOption feature is automatically set up for customers starting with Hotel MSSNGR from July 2024. If you joined Hotel MSSNGR prior to this date and would like us to activate it, please contact us at

How to edit the GreenOption feature

GreenOption is a bookable content item included in the Service feature. It is set up with a default text and picture and directly available in English, German, Spanish, and French.
You can edit GreenOption to make it reflect your hotel's communication style by following these steps.

πŸ’‘If you want to add or remove languages, please refer to this article.

​1. Click on the Service feature


2. On the following page, find the GreenOption content item and click on Edit

​3. Edit the text and picture on the following page

πŸ’‘To edit GreenOption booking settings (booking recipient, booking phase, etc), please refer to this article.

How to manage GreenOption bookings

Once GreenOption is activated, your guests can book room cleaning cancellations as they want. It's therefore necessary for your operational team to review your Service bookings daily before starting room cleaning and update your Housekeeping list accordingly. To retrieve and manage your GreenOption bookings, follow the steps in this section.

1. Access the Service Booking feature

2. Select the GreenOption bookings

πŸ’‘If you manage multiple types of bookings, you can search for the Greenhoice bookings only by clicking on the drop-down menu on the left side of the button "Add Booking".

​ 3. Check the date of the GreenOption booking, inform responsible staff members, and click on Done to close it

πŸ’‘If you offer a reward for using GreenOption (e.g., a bar voucher or a price reduction on the guest's stay), update your systems accordingly such as adding it as a note in your Property Management Software (PMS).

How to disable the GreenOption feature

If you wish to deactivate GreenOption, first make sure to have processed all your GreenOption bookings first, as described here.

1. Click on the Service feature

2. On the following page, find the GreenOption content item, click on the arrow to expand the drop-down menu, and click on Delete

If you do not have any other active Service features, you can disable the feature altogether by referring to this article.


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