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Here you will learn how to find activities and filter for their interests

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You can always watch this video on the App Activities here:


First, you will want your guest to open your app or the web page and make sure they are on the start page of your hotel. Once there, simply have them tap on the activities tile (however it is named/icon used), or use the bottom bar and tap on activities there.

Here the Activities was renamed to Programme


On the activities page, the guest will find a list of the various activities that they can partake in. Simply tap on the activity that they are interested in and a new page will appear with the details such as the start and end time of the activity, the location, additional contact information, and a small description.


If you the guest is yet to arrive at the hotel, but they want to see what activities you offer during their time there, or just want to see what will happen tomorrow, they can select the day being shown to them. Above the first activity, they will see some dates, simply select the appropriate one and the list will update to that day.


If your hotel has a longer list of daily activities, it may be hard to spot the activity for them. As such we have a handy feature called Interests where you can filter the activity list to the things they like most. Simply tap on the icon near the top and the filter will apply.


Here you can find a link to Activities in the Data Management Hub:

Here you can find the links to the other basic App features:

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